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THE "TYPHOON"" In Ground Winter Swimming Pool Cover=FREE SHIPPING-48 States


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COVERS FOR IN GROUND SWIMMING POOLS * water bags shown are not included COVERS FOR RECTANGULAR ABOVE GROUND AND IN-GROUND SWIMMING POOLS IN GROUND SWIMMING POOL COVERS 10 yr Manufacturers Warranty (1 year full, 9 years prorated) Polypropylene sewn hem BELT LOOPS EVERY 5 FT GROMMETS ON CORNERS Heat sealed seams Cover measures 5 ft larger than pool size (both dimensions) WATER BAG SLEEVES INCLUDED WATER BAGS/TUBES SOLD SEPARATELY REDSPOOLS.COM WINTERIZING YOUR IN GROUND SWIMMING POOL ©2001 REDSPOOLS.COM DIV. BIGREDS.COM INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED There are several things that must be done to properly winterize your pool, protect your accessories and insure a seamless pool opening next spring. This guide will serve as your checklist for pool winterizing, storage and care of your filter, accessories and the great investment that is your own swimming pool. Pool accessories. Be sure to store your pool vacuum, hand skimmer, pool toys , brushes inflatables and other plastic items in a cool dry place over the winter. If you leave them in your yard, the rain, snow, wind and wear and tear of the elements will tend to destroy them Pool Ladder. It is best to remove your pool ladder from the pool and from the outdoors , if possible, over the winter. Dry the ladder off and keep in cool dry place , like basement or garage. If you disassemble your ladder, keep parts , nuts and bolts in a handy plastic bag ( maybe taped to the ladder) . Pool Chemicals Any chemicals not used over the summer should be stored in a cool dry place over the winter. Be sure the caps and lids are firmly attached to the containers and that they are sealed tight. If caps are kept on your unused chemicals, they will be usable and potent next season. BEFORE PROCEEDING TO DISMANTLE YOUR FILTER SYSTEM, THE FOLLOWING SHOULD BE DONE: 1. First adjust ph to 7.2 to 7.6, then Insert WINTER CHEMICAL KIT into the pool. Entire contents are placed into the pool. If liquid, it is poured into the pool. If powder or tablets, there will be a floater or container to use that will keep the chemicals from falling onto pool bottom and directly contacting the liner. There will be no need to add more chemicals once the chemicals are put in for the pool closing. 2. Run Filter for 1 hour. 3. Lower level of pool below skimmers and inlets. 4. DISMANTLE POOL FILTER FOR THE WINTER Pump and Motor Pump and motor should be disconnected from the base of the pool filter and drained of all water. It is advisable to open the pump and clean out hairs or objects that may be stuck or accumulated in the pump before winter storage. Pool Filter It is important that the filter tank be drained of all water and the above the ground hoses be drained of all water for the winter. Cartridge Filter- it is best to change your cartridges several times each season, so you might want to throw away your used dirty cartridge and start fresh in the spring with a new clean cartridge. The interior casing of the cartridge filter should be wiped clean and dry and stored indoors in a dry place. This will prevent damage from cracking due to freezing and thaw. Sand Filter- Most people change their filter sand once per season, so we recommend that you throw out the sand at the end of the season and start fresh with new clean sand in the spring.. The filter tank should be wiped clean and dry and stored indoors in a dry and cool place over the winter. This will prevent damage to the tank due to freezing and thaw. Diatomaceous Earth Filter- Discard and diatomite left in the tank as you will load fresh DE into the filter in the spring. If you have a perflex pool filter, the tubes should be soaked in mild soap (like for dishes) and warm water, leave them soaking overnight, then hose off the water tubes to dislodge any DE or dirt that may be imbedded in the tubes. For discolored or hard to clean tubes, a solution of water and vinegar may be useful. [For extreme cases, you can use a solution of muriatic acid and water for soaking, but we would advise caution (be careful not to inhale fumes and keep solution off your skin, eyes and hands-extreme burn hazard)] For other Diatomite pool filters, hose down grids or other screening apparatus. In either case, empty the tank of all water, wipe and dry tank and store indoors in cool dry place. POOL HEATER Detach and drain all lines in pool heater. Shut off gas flow and shut off any pilot lights ( most heaters have electronic ignition, so this will not be necessary). Cover heater with heater protective cover. 5. Using an air compressor or vacuum cleaner (attached to "blower" side)blow out the return line from the point where the filter or heater was attached. Blow out the skimmer line from the point where the pump was attached. 6. Plug lines with winterizing plugs to prevent water from entering lines. 7. Use 1 gallon Artic 60 or Pool water Antifreeze for every 25 lineal feet of drained line. Pour directly into available openings. 8. Place WINTER POOL COVER (AKA ALL YEAR POOL COVER) on top of the pool. For those covers that use water bags, fill the water bags with water , but not completely, to allow for freezing and thaw. 9. In spring, start up pool without draining antifreeze, contents will help balance pool water. If you have any questions or comments about winterizing your pool, contact our tech support at: customerservice@bigreds.com Covers are also available with Ice Compensator Float or with Ice compensator Float and Chemicals. See dropdown menu to choose size and options. http://www.redschemicals.com/WinterizeAbove.html
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